On the 21st of September OPTIMAX holds a webinar in conjunction with the EFRS.

20.00 - 21.00 hrs Central European Time (check your time zone)


The webinar will focus on 'The impact of the OPTIMAX summer school to our profession'.

Would you like to know more? Register for the event at www.efrs.eu/webinars



The OPTIMAX summer school - Professor Peter Hogg (UK)
A student perspective - Mr Switi Singh Ghotra (CH)
What did it bring us?  An overview of the scientific and non-scientific OPTIMAX outputs’ -  Annemieke van der Heij-Meijer.


Learning Objectives.

To understand the concept, objectives and structure of the OPTIMAX summer school.
To appreciate student experiences of the OPTIMAX summer school.
To outline the institutional benefits of being an OPTIMAX summer school collaborator.



          Carst Buissink, Vice-Chair EFRS Educational Wing Management Team

          Charlotte Graungaard Falkvard, Vice-President EFRS Executive Board