EURADOS is delighted to announce its series of Webinars.

EURADOS has very active working groups, doing research, organizing intercomparisons, sending questionnaires, doing simulations and measurements campaigns, writing papers,….  As EURADOS we have always been active in education and dissemination activities, by organizing a winter school and by presenting our results at different conferences and workshops. The COVID pandemic has slowed down conferences, but has given a boost to all kind of on-line events. Hardly a day goes by without some kind of webinar, often on very interesting topics.

So we have decided to start up a series of EURADOS webinars with the aim of a better and wider dissemination of the scientific results of the EURADOS working groups. We plan to continue doing this on a regular basis, approximately once per month, even when the world is again pandemic-free and skies are again filled with airplanes bringing scientists to conferences all over the world.

So we are very happy and proud to present the first of our EURADOS webinars.

The webinar will be presented by Working Group 10: Retrospective Dosimetry and will be organized in four short seminars.

More informatiion: https://www.bigmarker.com/sckcen/EURADOSwebinar1